A Cross-Sectional Study on Psychosocial Impact of Covid19 among Suspects


  • Dattatraya Dinna Bant
  • Bushra Jabeen
  • Sushma HR
  • A Akshay Subramanian




Cross Sectional, Psychosocial, Impact,Covid19, Suspect


Background: COVID pandemic in India,like all the other affected countries,with its uncertainites affected
the psychosocial impact of masses including the suspects . When the global focus has mostly been on
testing, finding a cure and preventing transmission, people went through a myriad of psychosocial problems
in adjusting to the current lifestyles and fear of the disease. However, only few studies have been conducted
regarding the mental health of people amidst the pandemic. This study mainly explores the psychosocial
impact of COVID19 among people including the suspects.
Methods: A cross sectional study was done over a period of 1 month to assess the psychosocial impact
of Covid among suspects.The data was collected using predesigned, semi-structured questionnaire. It was
circulated among general public, especially those residing in containment ares and those who are at high
risk. The data compilation was done using Ms Excel and analysis was done using SPSS Statistics.
Results: There were a total of 230 responses from different parts of the country. The mean age of the
respondents was around 21-30 years. Out of these, 25 respondents were suspects of COVID-19. A higher
level (80%) of psychosocial distress was found among suspects.
Conclusion: The mental problems caused by COVID-19 lockdown not only impacted the psychosocial
wellbeing of suspects but also individuals from the entire community including students, casual labourers,
healthcare professionals and the general population. The study also showed that there was a higher level
of fear and anxiety among the suspects when compared to the general public . In addition, constant mental
pressure also eventually led to difficulty in sleeping among suspects.

Author Biographies

Dattatraya Dinna Bant

Professor and Hod, Dept. of Community Medicine, KIMS Hubli,

Bushra Jabeen

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Community
Medicine, ESIC Medical College, Gulbarga,

Sushma HR

Senior Resident,  Dept. of Community
Medicine, Kims Hubli

A Akshay Subramanian

Second Year Post Graduate, Dept. of Community
Medicine, Kims Hubli



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Dattatraya Dinna Bant, Bushra Jabeen, Sushma HR, & A Akshay Subramanian. (2021). A Cross-Sectional Study on Psychosocial Impact of Covid19 among Suspects. Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, 12(3), 26-31. https://doi.org/10.37506/ijphrd.v12i3.16032