A Study on Patient Safety Culture among the Health Care Providers in a Tertiary Care Hospital


  • Sandeep Boora
  • Vijay Kumar Tadia
  • Shakti Kumar Gupta




patient safety, health management, patient safety culture,


Introduction: Patient safety emphasizes reporting, analysis and prevention of medical errors that often lead
to adverse health events.
Aim: To observe the Patient Safety Culture among the Health-care Providers in a selected area of a tertiary
care centre.
Methodology: A cross-sectional study was conducted in a specific area of a tertiary care hospital from
January 2020 to March 2020 to study the Patient Safety Culture among the Healthcare Providers. Data was
collected by using a stratified random sampling method using a validated questionnaire. Written informed
consent was taken from all the participants. Data wasanalyzedby using the Statistical Package of Social
Sciences (SPSS), Version-22.
Results: 102(50.5%) of the respondents belonged to the medical/surgical units, followed by 79(39.1%)
other patient care units, 13(6.4%) from administration/management, rest belonged to miscellaneous groups/
support services. 146(72.35%) of the participants strongly agreed that they worked together as an effective
team. 131(64.9%) participants strongly agreed that their supervisors/clinical leaders consider improving
patient safety. 93(46%) participants responded that they were always informed about errors in their unit,
and 94(46.5%) responded that when errors happened in their unit, they often discussed the ways to prevent
them from happening again. As far as staff position in the hospital was concerned, the excellent rating was
given by others (83.3%) followed by Medical staff (73.7%). The study revealed a statistically significant
(p-value <0.05) relationship between the position/primary unit in the hospital with respect to patient safety.
Conclusion- The study findings suggest that there is correlation between the position/primary unit in the
hospital and perception about patient safety.

Author Biographies

Sandeep Boora

Resident Administrator,  Administrator, Department of Hospital Administration,

Vijay Kumar Tadia

Senior Resident Administrator, Department of Hospital Administration

Shakti Kumar Gupta

Medical Superintendent, Dr.R.P. Centre of Ophthalmic Sciences, AIIMS, New Delhi



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Sandeep Boora, Vijay Kumar Tadia, & Shakti Kumar Gupta. (2021). A Study on Patient Safety Culture among the Health Care Providers in a Tertiary Care Hospital. Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, 12(3), 202-211. https://doi.org/10.37506/ijphrd.v12i3.16067