The Effectiveness of Telemedicine as a Supplementary Antenatal Care in Increasing Knowledge of Pregnant Women


  • Ratih Sekar Ayu
  • Samsriyaningsih Handayani



Antenatal care (ANC), mother’sknowledge, mHealth,telemedicine


Background: Limited access to health services can occur because an area is difficult to reach, lack of health
personnel and facilities, and due to social changes such as during a pandemic. This systematic review aims
to study the effectiveness of telemedicine as an antenatal care supplement in increasing the knowledge of
pregnant women.
Methods: Perform a search for PubMed, ProQuest, and Scopus data sources with population-based keywords,
intervention, comparison, and predefined results. The assessment of article quality used the Joanna Briggs
Institute (JBI) critical assessment tool.
Results: Four studies were synthesized in this systematic review, 2 were experimental studies and the other
2 were descriptive studies. The intervention that was given was the use of telemedicine as a tool to deliver
health education or a tool to monitor the physical condition of the mother from a distance. The message
given can be in the form of a written message, voice message, or video. Interactive communication between
mothers and health care providers can be done with this technology.
Conclusion: The application of telemedicine as an effort to increase the knowledge of pregnant women
in settings with difficult access to health facilities and pandemic conditions is quite developing, but still
requires further study regarding pregnancy outcomes. Further research is needed on the use of telemedicine
concerning health costs and costs incurred by both parties. In Indonesia, there are still opportunities to
develop telemedicine conceptually and the technology that will be used.

Author Biographies

Ratih Sekar Ayu

Magister Student of Faculty of Public Health,
Airlangga University, Surabaya, Indonesia

Samsriyaningsih Handayani

Lecturer of Faculty of Medicine,
Airlangga University, Surabaya, Indonesia



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Ratih Sekar Ayu, & Samsriyaningsih Handayani. (2021). The Effectiveness of Telemedicine as a Supplementary Antenatal Care in Increasing Knowledge of Pregnant Women. Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, 12(3), 478-485.