Estimating the Proportion of Bone Mineral Density Loss in Patients with Normal Kidney Function among South Indian Population


  • Kevin Neil Aranha
  • Rahul P Kotian
  • Arathy Mary John



Bone mineral density, T score, serum creatinine, Quantitative computed tomography, Hounsfield unit


Background: Bone Mineral density (BMD) is considered as one of the golden tool to measure the bone
quality in which two measurements namely T- Score and Z –score are used to report the BMD test results.
Whenever there is deterioration of BMD it is associated with low skeletal mass. Creatinine is a chemical
waste molecule that is generated from this muscle metabolism. Creatinine is a good marker for muscle
mass. However, limited studies have been done which tell us the association between BMD loss and serum
creatinine (SCr) levels.
Methodology: 200 participants who were referred for CECT abdomen and pelvis were scanned using 128
slice Philips Brilliance CT. Using BMD software, four different vertebral bodies from L1-L4 were taken and
ROI was placed at the central portion of the trabecular bone, two reference ROI’s, one in retro spinal muscle
and one in fat tissue were also placed. To measure CT attenuation value, a ROI graphic tool was drawn at the
trabecular bone. Average HU of BMD, T score and Z score values were taken from L1-L4.
Statistical Analysis: The data was analysed using SSPS version 16.0. For assessment of normal BMD values,
the results of measurements were averaged for age, creatinine level, T score and Z score and descriptive
statistics was calculated. Spearman’s correlation coefficient was used to estimate the correlation between
serum creatinine with T score and Z score.
Results: T Score and SCr correlated negatively at -0.25. The correlation between Z Score and SCr was also
negatively correlated at -0.187.
Conclusion: It was evident from the study findings, that there is a non-association between SCr and T Score
levels which showed that BMD of a person was not associated with normal kidney function. Thus, SCr
levels cannot be used as a biomarker for osteoporosis or osteopenia.

Author Biographies

Kevin Neil Aranha

Lecturer, MSc. Medical Imaging Technology, Department of Radio-Diagnosis & Imaging Technology, Father
Muller Medical College and Hospital, Kankanady, Mangalore

Rahul P Kotian

Visiting Professor, Department of Radiology,
Faculty of Paramedical Sciences, Assam Downtown University, Assam, India

Arathy Mary John

Assistant Professor, Department of
Medical Imaging Technology, Manipal College of Health Professions, MAHE, Mangalore



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Kevin Neil Aranha, Rahul P Kotian, & Arathy Mary John. (2021). Estimating the Proportion of Bone Mineral Density Loss in Patients with Normal Kidney Function among South Indian Population. Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, 12(3), 554-560.