Lower Extremities Fractures in Alnajaf/Iraq


  • Mohammed Hasan Razoki
  • Hmamdalla Hadi Albosaisi
  • Ahmed Mohammed Hasan




lower extremity, fractures , lower limb, Alnajaf


Purpose: To take an idea about the size of an important socioeconomically public health problem and to
put solutions.
Material and Methods: All the patients who sustained lower extremities fractures in one year (between 1st
Jan. till 31st Dec. 2018)included in this study. Data collected from the documents of Alsader medical city in
Alnajaf, it included the types of fractures, ages , gender, side of fracture ,and causes. Analysis of these data
was done and the results were demonstrated in tables.
Results : The total number of the patients was (2466),males (1655) and females( 811).The types of the
fractures include: hip fracture 350, fracture femure 738, patellar fracture 49, leg fracture 831, ankle fracture
220 and foot fracture 278. People in the 1st decade were the most 697 followed by the 3rd decade 446, 2nd
decade 440 , 4th decade 287 , 7th decade 193, 5th decade 155, 6th decade 142 , and above 70 (106) patient.
The most common cause of the fractures was RTA in 800 patient followed by fall 727, fall from height 594
,and fall of heavy object 123 patients.
Conclusion: Children and adolescent are mostly affected. People below thirty represent more than 50%
of the cases. Planes from all the government administrations showed be more effective to decrease the
occurrence of such injuries by learning programs to avoid fractures in all ages , in order to decrease the
socioeconomically burden on the community.

Author Biographies

Mohammed Hasan Razoki

Head of Department of Orthopaedics/College of Medicine/University of Kufa/ Professor Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon/ Alsader Medical City/Alnajaf /Iraq,

Hmamdalla Hadi Albosaisi

Professor consultant orthopaedic surgeon /Department of Orthopaedics/College of Medicine/University of Kufa/Iraq

Ahmed Mohammed Hasan

SHO(Surgery)/ Department of Surgery/Alsader Medical City/Iraq



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Mohammed Hasan Razoki, Hmamdalla Hadi Albosaisi, & Ahmed Mohammed Hasan. (2021). Lower Extremities Fractures in Alnajaf/Iraq. Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, 12(4), 224-230. https://doi.org/10.37506/ijphrd.v12i4.16548