Oral Mucocele of Lower Lip - A Case Report


  • Divya Subramanyam




Extravasation; Mucocele; salivary gland, Excision, Mucous,Cyst


Aim: This paper reports a case of mucocele in the left side of the lower lip treated by conventional surgical
excision of the lesion.Background: Mucoceles are most frequently occurring benign salivary gland
lesion.The most common site of occurrence of mucocelein the oral cavity is the lower lip. Extravasation
type is most frequently occurring lesion because of the extravasation of mucus secretion into the fibrous
connective tissue that result from an alterationof minor salivary glands and ducts. The main etiological
factors are trauma or lip biting habit. Because of its pathognomonic presentation, the diagnosis is
mainly clinical. Histopathogical investigation is also necessary to rule out other salivary lesions or
tumours.Case Report: In this report, a mucocele developed in the fourteen old year female patient is
described. Surgical excision of the lesion was planned followed by the gentle dissection of the lesion.
Histopathological examinationrevealed the presence of cystic cavity surrounded by the underlining
connective tissue stroma, which consist of numerous salivary gland tissues lined by inflammatory cell
infiltration suggestive of mucous extravasation cyst.Conclusion:Out of various treatment modalities,
Simple surgical excision is the treatment of choice, alleviating patient’s distress and discomfort.Clinical
significance: Oral mucocele is the most common benign lesionoccuring in the oral cavity in children.
Thus clinical knowledge about the diagnosis and treatment of oral mucocele is necessary to avoid
further complications in children.

Author Biography

Divya Subramanyam

Assistant Professor, MDS, Department of Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry, Asan Memorial Dental College
and Hospital, Tamilnadu.




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