Awareness about Tobacco use among Auto- Rickshaw Drivers in Belagavi, North Karnataka


  • Amaresh P. Patil
  • Yogeshkumar S



Auto-rickshaw drivers, Tobacco, Awareness, Karnataka


Background: Auto – rickshaws are most commonly used mode of transportation in cities where metros or applicationbased
cab aggregators (ABCA) are either non-existent / not available. Auto rickshaw drivers (ARD’s) are under constant
physical and mental pressure due to various factors most importantly illiteracy, poverty, lack of awareness about hazards
of addictions which lead to various habits majority being tobacco use. Studies have found that overall prevalence of
tobacco use among ARD’s is very high compared to general population.
Objectives: To know level of awareness about tobacco use among ARD’s in Belagavi, North Karnataka.
Methods: It was a cross sectional study conducted among 600 regular ARD’s of Belagavi City Corporation between
January to December 2016. Estimated sample size was 600. Two ARD’s who were last in queue were selected from 300
major auto rickshaw stands. Questionnaire was adopted from Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS) questionnaire. Data
was collected by personal interview after getting informed consent. Data compilation and analysis was done using SPSS
software. Study was approved by Institutional Ethics Committee of J. N. Medical College, KAHER, Belagavi.
Results: Most (88.66%) of the participants knew that tobacco in any form caused serious illness. Cancers (72.66%) were
the most commonly known illnesses. Most of the participants supported law prohibiting smoking in indoor work places
(99%) and favored increase of taxes on tobacco products (94.5%).
Conclusion: Although the awareness regarding hazards of tobacco has increased in recent days, actual practice remains
a challenge.

Author Biographies

Amaresh P. Patil

MBBS, MD, DNB, PG Diploma in Environmental & Occupational Health, MNAMS, Research Officer, Women’s & Children’s Health Research unit J. N. Medical College, KLE Academy of Higher Education and Research (KAHER)

Yogeshkumar S

Associate Professor, Department of Community Medicine, J N Medical College, KAHER, Belagavi




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Amaresh P. Patil, & Yogeshkumar S. (2022). Awareness about Tobacco use among Auto- Rickshaw Drivers in Belagavi, North Karnataka. Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, 13(4), 32–38.