Perceptions and Barriers to Deceased Organ Donation in Armenia: A Qualitative Research


  • Nare Ghazaryan
  • Miqayel Adamyan
  • Samvel Grigoryan
  • Tatevik Hovakimyan



Organ transplantation. Brain death. Medical mistrust


Background and aim: Transplantation is the treatment of choice for end-stage organ failure. The worldwide shortage
of organs focuses the attention of scientific community and policymakers on it. Despite having a favourable legislative
framework Armenia still do not perform transplantation from deceased donors. Aim of this study is to understand
perceptions and barriers of deceased organ donation in Armenia.
Methods: This qualitative study utilizes semi-structured, in-depth interviews to produce rich descriptions of healthy
adult individuals and main stakeholders about the perceived drivers and barriers to deceased organ donation and
transplantation in Armenia. Participants included healthcare providers, policymaker, priest and healthy adult individuals
of other occupation. Content analysis with deductive approach was utilized.
Results: 11 in-depth interviews were performed. The main concepts around which the themes evolved were knowledge,
attitudes, interaction with health system, family, cultural, religious and socioeconomic factors. Several factors emerged
during the interviews: lack of knowledge, medical distrust, role of the donor’s family as a buffer and misinterpretation of
religious stance are examples.
Conclusion: Lack of knowledge regarding the brain death and deep mistrust to healthcare system were identified as the
major barriers to acceptance of donation after death. It is recommended to conduct a comprehensive educational and
awareness raising campaign both for public and providers.

Author Biographies

Nare Ghazaryan

MD, Researcher, Nork-Marash Medical Center, Armenia, Yerevan

Miqayel Adamyan

MD, Researcher, Tutor, Head of Nork-Marash Medical Center, Armenia, Yerevan

Samvel Grigoryan

Reseracher, American University of Armenia, School of Public Health

Tatevik Hovakimyan

MD, MPH, MSc, Nork-Marash Medical Center, Armenia, Yerevan




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Nare Ghazaryan, Miqayel Adamyan, Samvel Grigoryan, & Tatevik Hovakimyan. (2022). Perceptions and Barriers to Deceased Organ Donation in Armenia: A Qualitative Research. Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, 13(4), 354–359.