Assessment of Knowledge Regarding Menstruation and Sanitary Absorbents among Young Women


  • Akash Subhashrao Yende



Menstruation, Hygiene, Teachers, Sanitary products


Background and Aim: Menstrual problems are common during adolescence which may cause significant anxiety
for adolescent and their families. Even individuals with knowledge tend to use inappropriate menstrual hygiene
management due to difficulties such as insufficient menstruation sanitary products and a lack of mental or physical
support. Hence the aim of the present study was to assess the knowledge of the urban & rural high School teachers
on menstrual hygiene practices.
Materials and Method: For the present study three Urban school and four Rural schools located in rural areas
were selected for conducting the study. The target population were all the female teachers working in the selected
urban and rural area. Randomly selected 100 female teachers were taken as sample of the study from the urban
and rural areas. Simple random sample technique was used for selecting sample for this study.
Results: It was shown that there is significant association between pre test knowledge scores and selected variables
it indicates that the knowledge level on menstrual hygiene in dependant of economic status, education Indus,
experience, age of the respondents.
Conclusion: After structured teaching programme their knowledge on menstruation and menstrual hygiene had
improved. Educating teachers in turn help us to educate the adolescent girls to adopt healthy behaviour.

Author Biography

  • Akash Subhashrao Yende

    Assistant Professor, Department of Community Medicine, Index Medical College, Hospital and Research
    Centre, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India.




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