Immunohistochemical Expression of p16 and CDK4 in Soft Tissue Tumors


  • Pankaj Deval
  • Kaveri Agrawal
  • Mala Sagar



: synovial sarcoma;ewing’s sarcoma; histopathological


Background: The large majority of soft tissue tumours are benign.Malignantmesenchymal neoplasms amount
to less than 1% of the overall human burden of malignant tumours but they are life threatening and may pose a
significant diagnostic and therapeutic challenge since there are more than 50 histological subtypes of STS, which
are often associated with unique clinical, prognostic and therapeutic features.
Methods: The study was undertaken in department of Pathology, King George’s Medical University, Lucknow.
The Study Design was Retrospective and prospective study carried over a period of one year from September 2018
to august 2019 including 70 cases.
Results: Most common diagnosis of malignant cases was Synovial saroma (21.4%) followed by Leiomyosarcoma
(19.0%) and Undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma & Fibromyxoid sarcoma (11.9% each). Less common diagnosis
were Ewing’s sarcoma, Liposarcoma and Rhabdomyosarcoma (9.5% each), 1 (2.4%) case each was diagnosed as
Chondrosarcoma, MPNST and Myxoid liposarcoma.
Conclusions: Genetic alterations involving the 12q13-15 chromosomal region are common in musculoskeletal
sarcomas, and many bone and soft-tissue malignant tumors showed amplification of various genes located in this

Author Biographies

Pankaj Deval

Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology, Venkateshwar Institute of Medical Sciences, Gajraula,

Kaveri Agrawal

Senior Resident, Department of Pathology, Rama Medical College and Hospital, Hapur,

Mala Sagar

Professor,Department of Pathology, KGMU Lucknow.




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Pankaj Deval, Kaveri Agrawal, & Mala Sagar. (2023). Immunohistochemical Expression of p16 and CDK4 in Soft Tissue Tumors. Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, 14(3), 91–95.