Study of Facial Index in both sexes of Northern Maharashtra


  • Karan Bhagwan Khairnar
  • Dinesh Prakash Khate
  • Santhosh sinde



Spreading calliper, Sliding calliper, laptoproscopic, Anthropological, Medico-legal


Background: Face is an entity that helps to distinguish one person from another. It also signifies distinction
between races, ethnic groups, Sexes and even members of same family. Hence it has anthropological, anatomical
and medico legal importance.
Method: 60 adult males and 60 adults females aged between 18 to 35 were studied with spreading calliper, Facial
Index was measured from Nasion to Gnathion, Zygion to zygion
Results: The male facial Index was 90.5 (± 0.5) and female was 87.2 (± 0.3) (p<0.001) p value was highly significant.
The present Facial Index was classified anthropologically under Lepto proscopic facial Index.
Conclusion: Present Facial Index of Maharashtra Population is useful to anthropologist, anatomist and medico
legal export to differentiate Maharashtra population from other racial or ethnic groups of India and abroad because
morpho-metric values of mesodermalderivatives are un-certain

Author Biographies

  • Karan Bhagwan Khairnar

    Associate Professor,  Department of Anatomy, ACPM Medical College Dhule,

  • Dinesh Prakash Khate

    Associate Professor, Department of Anatomy, ACPM Medical College Dhule,Maharashtra,

  • Santhosh sinde

    Associate Professor, Department of Anatomy, MVP, Dr Vasant Rao Pawar Medical College
    Nashik, Maharashtra




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