Correlation of Anthropometric and Lipid Markers in GMC Jammu Medical Students


  • Soobia Rashid
  • Gurmeet Kaur
  • Gazala Abbas
  • Retash Shan
  • Fiza Shahid
  • Sheetal Kotwal
  • Mamta Sharma



Anthropometric measures, Lipid profile, Medical students, Obesity.


Background: The prevalence of cardiovascular diseases are likely to rise as a result of lifestyle-related risk factors.
Due to their hectic schedules and lack of time for extracurricular activities, medical students were chosen for the
study because they are more likely than other populations to develop lifestyle illnesses.
Objectives: To explore the connection of anthropometric and biochemical lipid profile markers to assess obesity
risk in medical students.
Materials and methods: 180 MBBS students from Government Medical College, Jammu, participated in the study.
The body mass index (BMI) was calculated using anthropometric measurements of body weight (BW), body
height (BH), together with waist circumference (WC), and hip circumference (HC), as well as the waist-to-hip ratio
(W/H ratio). Using blood samples, a lipid profile was calculated.
Results: According to the survey, 16.11% of Group 2 students were overweight, and 3.89 % were obese. Group 1
consisted of 80% normal subjects. Between two BMI groups and Lipid profile, a statistically significant difference
was discovered. There was a negative correlation between Waist circumference and HDL cholesterol. The BMI
was negatively correlated with HDL-cholesterol and positively correlated with triglyceride.
Conclusion: The prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors such as obesity, hypertension, and elevated triglycerides
is high among medical students. Therefore, it may be deduced that healthy lifestyles should be adopted at a young
age because medical students are the future medical professionals.

Author Biographies

Soobia Rashid

Third year PG student, Department of Physiology,  GMC Jammu

Gurmeet Kaur

Associate Professor, Department of Physiology GMC Jammu

Gazala Abbas

Lecturer, Department of Biochemistry,GMC Jammu.

Retash Shan

Senior Resident, Department of Physiology, GMC Jammu.

Fiza Shahid

Third year PG student Department of Physiology, GMC Jammu.

Sheetal Kotwal

Third year PG student Department of Physiology, GMC Jammu

Mamta Sharma

7Third year PG student Department of Physiology, GMC Jammu




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Soobia Rashid, Gurmeet Kaur, Gazala Abbas, Retash Shan, Fiza Shahid, Sheetal Kotwal, & Mamta Sharma. (2023). Correlation of Anthropometric and Lipid Markers in GMC Jammu Medical Students. Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, 14(3), 327–330.

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