A Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Program on Knowledge and Attitude Regarding Environmental Pollution and Control among the School Going Children in a Selected Setting


  • Jeyadeepa R




Environment, pollution, control, school children


The relationship between the living organisms and the environment is very important to maintain the
harmony and smooth survival of the living organisms. Our health depends on our environments’ health.
The changing patterns of the diseases made us to think and to inculcate the knowledge needed to preserve a
safe environment to the present and future generation. Hence it had been decided to educate school children
on environmental pollution prevention and control. A quantitative approach with pre experimental design
was adopted in the study. Ethical clearance was obtained from the Institutional Ethical Committee. The
study was conducted in the Government Victoria Girls Higher Secondary School, Palakkad. Fifty children
between the age group of 10 -12 were selected by using simple random sampling technique. The data
were collected by using a structured questionnaire method. The knowledge and attitude of the children
on environmental pollution prevention and control were assessed. After conducting the pre-test, structured
teaching program was conducted to the selected samples by using lecture method. Pamphlets were given at
the end of the session. After a week post test was conducted. The study results revealed that there is significant
improvement in the knowledge and attitude of children on environmental pollution prevention and control.
Hence, it can be concluded that educating the children may be helpful in preserving and maintaining safe
environment for the present and future generation.
“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed” - Mahathma Gandhi

Author Biography

Jeyadeepa R

Principal, IQ City Institute of Nursing Sciences, Durgapur, West Bengal