Assessment of Substance Use Behavior and Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on Prevention and Ill Effects of Substance Abuse among Adolescents


  • Jaya Simon
  • Raminder Kalra
  • M.Jibanlata



Ill effects of substance abuse, Knowledge and attitude, Substance use behavio


Background: Substance abuse has become a major problem in any growing society, the pattern of
consumption of medical and non-medical use of drugs, especially by pre adolescents, adolescents and young
adults, is both complex and changing. In 1992, WHO declared June 26 as the International Day against
substance abuse and illicit trafficking1.
Methods: It was a two-phase study, during phase-I of the study 485 adolescents were assessed for substance
use behavior. During phase-II 100 adolescents were given structured teaching programme, pre-test and posttest
knowledge and attitude were assessed.
Results: The study results revealed that out of 485 adolescents only 3.2% (16) of the adolescents had
tried or experimented with substances and 11.1% (54) of the adolescents reported that their friends use the
substance in the school. The calculated Z score value was found to be 11.316 which was greater than the table
value (1.98) indicates the effectiveness of structured teaching programme.There was a moderate positive
correlation (0.568) between the post-test knowledge scores and post-test attitude scores of adolescents.
Conclusion: The incidence of drug abuse among children and adolescents is higher than the general
population. Therefore, keeping in focus, the investigator felt the need to conduct a research study to assess
the knowledge and attitude regarding the ill effects of substance abuse and its prevention among adolescents,
and the study was found to be effective in increasing the knowledge and attitude among adolescents.

Author Biographies

Jaya Simon

Tutor,Holy Family College of Nursing, New Delhi, India

Raminder Kalra

Professor (Principal), Holy Family College of Nursing, New Delhi, India


Associate Professor, Holy Family College of Nursing, New Delhi, India