A Quasi Experimental Study to Evaluate the Effect of Information Booklet on Attitude Towards Mental Illness among Adults in Selected Community, Bhopal


  • Pallavi Biswas




Attitude, Effect, Adult, information booklet, mentally ill person.


Background of the Study: People with mental disorders experience discrimination which result as
stigmatizing attitudes towards mentally ill people in society. An individual’s value and personal beliefs
affect his attitude about mental illness, the mentally ill and the treatment of mental illness. There still exists
a stigma surrounding individuals who need or use psychiatry mental health services. The need continue for
public education to modify or alter misconception about mental illness and people with mental disorders.
Material and Method: A non equivalent control group quasi experimental design was used. There were
60 adult of selected community were selected using purposive sampling technique. In this study 2 groups
(experimental and control group) were selected. During data collection information booklet were given
to experimental group only. Research tool were submitted to 7 expert from various specialty for validity.
Reliability was calculated. Reliability of tool was established by Split Half method and Spearmen Brown
prophecy formula and it was 0.83. The obtained data was analyzed and interpreted in terms of objectives and
research hypothesis. Analysis was done by using descriptive and inferential statics.
Result : Result of the present study revealed that mean score of structured attitude scale among experimental
group was 70.46 with SD of +/- 14.61, and among control group was 69.5 with SD of +/- 13.14 the computed
‘t’ value was 0.26 at degree of freedom 58.

Author Biography

Pallavi Biswas

M.Sc. (Psychiatric Nursing) Ph.D. Nursing, Associate Professor, College of Nursing, Padhar, Padhar Hospital,
Betul Madhya Pradesh