Relationship between Self Esteem and Alcohol Usage


  • Suvitha
  • Ranjitha
  • Rishiyadharshini



Alcohol use, Alcohol dependence , Psychiatric disorders, self-esteem or self-esteem.


Self-esteem is about confidence of one’s own worth. It is a belief in oneself of self-respect and self-integrity . It
may be either a positive or negative evaluation of one’s own thinking, as in how they feel about it. Some reports
reveal that there is a causal relationship between detrimental use of alcohol and tobacco and a range of various
psychiatric, behavioral disorders and noncommunicable conditions. Alcohol use can temporarily raise or lower
self-esteem, but it typically creates lower self-esteem in the long- term. Low or high self-esteem can be contributing
factor to alcohol abuse and dependence, but an appropriate level of self-esteem is a powerful tool in the battle
against alcoholism. Few studies investigate whether there is an association between self-esteem with demographic
characteristics and outcome shows that lower self-esteem was significantly associated with current depression and
other psychiatric disorders . In the study, We have analyzed the research articles related to self-esteem and alcohol
syndrome published in pubmed between 1969 to 2022. A total of 8 studies related to the theme self-esteem and
alcohol dependence syndrome were included in this research article. The studies suggest that high self-esteem is
significantly associated with increased use of alcohol use and also cigarette smoking.

Author Biographies

  • Suvitha

    Assistant Professor, Department of Mental Health Nursing, College of Nursing, MTPG&RIHS,

  • Ranjitha

    B.SC. Nursing final year students, college of Nursing, MTPG&RIHS, Puducherry

  • Rishiyadharshini

    B.SC. Nursing final year students, college of Nursing, MTPG&RIHS, Puducherry




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