Effects of Elastic Tape on Balance Ability in Athletes with Ankle Instability: A Pilot Study


  • Pimonpan Taweekarn Vannajak
  • Kunavut Vannajak




ankle instability, elastic tape, balance ability


Background: Ankle instability may lead to a loss of stability during the static stateas well asduring
movement. Elastic tape may increase balance ability in participants displaying ankle instability.
Objective: Tostudy the effect of elastic tape application on the static state and dynamic balance in athletes
with ankle instability.
Method: Ten participants exhibiting ankle instability were included in the study. They received elastic
taping at the ankle joint (affected side). The researcher assessed static balance and dynamic balance (the star
excursion balance test) before and immediatelyafter the test.
Results: There were no significant differences within the group in terms of static and dynamic balance -
except for dynamic balance at the postereolateral direction. However, balance ability showed an increase
after taping. These results demonstrate that elastic taping could improve dynamic balance in the posterolateral
direction. Moreover, the elastic taping tended to increase balance ability.
Conclusion: Elastic tapemay be employed as an alternative treatment in order to increase balance ability in
the posterolateral direction.

Author Biographies

Pimonpan Taweekarn Vannajak

Assistant Professor, Dept of Physical Therapy, Burapha University

Kunavut Vannajak

Assistant Professor, Dept of Physical Therapy, Burapha University