Effectiveness of Pursed Lip Breathing Exercise in Covid Patients


  • Dipesh R. Rathi
  • Rahul A. Maid
  • Suryakant Gadgerao




BORG, COVID, Pursed lip breathing, Respiratory Rate.


Background- Urgent threat to global health occurred in the form of Novel Corona Virus. This virus
is considered to be highly contagious Respiratory Disease which leads to severe effect on physical,
cardiopulmonary and psychological activities. Physiotherapists are considered highly beneficial in
treating respiratory complication and physical deconditioning. Respiratory Interventions for COVID
pneumonia usually involve Active Cycle of Breathing technique, Relaxation Breathing technique,
Huffing Coughing technique, resistive aerobic training, Incentive Spirometry.
Method- 25 patients of age group 10-75 years, with active COVID-19 infection were taken with CTSS
7/25-20/25. The patients were administered pursed lip breathing exercise 15 repetitions per set, 3sets,
3 times a day, for 10 days. Outcome measures were evaluated with BORG Scale and Respiratory Rate
before and after treatment.
Result-Result of this study were analysed in terms of reduced RR and BORG Score. The pre and
post data comparison was done using paired‘t’ test for RR and BORG Score. This showed extremely
significant improvement in RR and BORG Score post-treatment.
Conclusion-As a result, we conclude that Pursed Lip Breathing Exercise is effective in improving RR
and reducing dyspnoea in COVID patients

Author Biographies

Dipesh R. Rathi

Intern, Nanded Physiotherapy College and Research Center, Nanded, MH

Rahul A. Maid

Assistant Professor, Nanded Physiotherapy college and Research Center, Nanded, Maharashtra

Suryakant Gadgerao

Associate Professor, Nanded Physiotherapy College and Research Center, Nanded, MH