Work Place Ergonomics- A Review


  • Omeshree Nagrale



Ergonomics, Work Place, Job Stress, Work Site Analysis.


Ergonomics is the study of the interaction between people and machines and the factors that affect the

interaction. Its purpose is to improve the performance of systems by improving human machine interaction.

This can be done by ‘designing-in’ a better interface or by ‘designing-out’ factors in the work environment, in

the task or in the organization of work that degrade human–machine performance. Systems can be improved

by • Designing the user-interface to make it more compatible with the task and the user. This makes it easier

to use and more resistant to errors that people are known to make. • Changing the work environment to

make it safer and more appropriate for the task. • Changing the task to make it more compatible with user

characteristics. • Changing the way work is organized to accommodate people’s psychological and social

needs. This article presents on overview on current knowledge on work place ergonomics.

Author Biography

Omeshree Nagrale

Assistant Professor, Department of Community Physiotherapy, R V College of Physiotherapy, Bangalore, India