The Relationship between Self-Confidence in Learning and Clinical Educators’ Characteristics by Nursing Students


  • Abeer Mohamed Abdelkader
  • Naglaa Saad Abed El-Aty
  • Safaa Mohamed Abdelrahman



Clinical teaching; Learning; Nursing students, Self -confidence.


Background: Student nurses need to building up self-confidence in learning in order to cope with the
complex clinical situations. Individuals with self-confidence be certain of themselves to have the capability
to manage a situation or provide nursing care in accurate, relevant and efficient method. Equipping student
nurses to provide patients care in getting more complicated healthcare setting is a challenge face nursing
instructor, self-confidence is one of the important determinants of successful learning.
Objectives: The aim of the present study is to identify the relationship between Self-confidence in learning
and clinical educators’ characteristics by nursing students.
Method: Correlation research design was utilized in the present study. A convenience sample of 179
nursing students was included in the study. The Nursing Clinical Teacher Effectiveness Inventory and Self-
Confidence in Learning scale were used to collect the data.
Results: The results of the study showed that the majority of study participants had high level of self
confidence in learning. Also, the participants reported that their clinical educators had high level of teaching
abilities, nursing competences, and personal traits. Moreover, significant positive relationship was existed
between self-confidence in learning and clinical educators’ characteristics.
Conclusion: Self-confidence in learning is an essential goal in nursing education. Assessing clinical
competence and investigating factors influencing it might be helpful in increasing Self-confidence of nursing

Author Biographies

Abeer Mohamed Abdelkader

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Nursing/ Minia University, Egypt, College of Applied Medical Sciences, King
Faisal University, Saudi Arabia

Naglaa Saad Abed El-Aty

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Nursing/ Assiut University, Faculty of Nursing/Assiut University/Assiut/ Egypt

Safaa Mohamed Abdelrahman

Professor, Faculty of Nursing/ Minia University, Faculty of Nursing / Minia University / Minya / Egypt