Effect of an Educational Training Program in Tracheostomy Care on Nurses’ Knowledge and Skills


  • ELsadig Eltaher Abdulrahman
  • Mohamed Toum Musa
  • Rashida Mohamed Eltayeb
  • Hammad Ali Fadlalmola




Tracheostomy,training program, nursing care, nursing skills, nursing knowledge.


Background: A tracheostomy is a surgical procedure in which an opening is made into the anterior wall of
the trachea.With an increasing demand for intensive care beds more nurses in acute and high dependency
wards will be expected to care competently for patients with tracheostomy tubes.
Aim: To evaluate Nurses’ knowledge and skills in performing tracheostomy care and to determine the
effectiveness of the educational training program on nurses knowledge and skills.
Methods: A quasi-experimental study (one group) conducted at Sinnar Teaching Hospital (STH). A total
coverage technique was used 45 nurses were included.measurements of the group were made both before
and after training program.
Results: The total knowledge percentage before training program ranged from (2.2%) to (46.7%), and
after training program,ranged from (57.8%) to (88.9%). 91.1% of respondents (41) they were not attending
training course in Tracheotomy Care before.There was statistically significant different in the mean total
knowledge score of the participants before and after the program at p value level = (0.00).
Conclusion: The nurses included in the study do not have adequate knowledge and skills in the evidencebased
guidelines for tracheostomy care.There is no correlation between the qualifications or years of
experience and knowledge of nurses regarding tracheostomy care.Continuing professional development
programme ontracheostomy care should be made compulsory for all nurses.

Author Biographies

ELsadig Eltaher Abdulrahman

Assistant Professor of Medical Surgical Nursing, Sinner University, Faculty of Medical & Health Science- Nursing department, Sudan

Mohamed Toum Musa

Associate Professor of Surgery, University of Khartoum, College of Nursing,Khartoum, Sudan

Rashida Mohamed Eltayeb

Associate Professor, University of Khartoum, College of Nursing, Khartoum, Sudan

Hammad Ali Fadlalmola

Associate Professor, Taibah University, Nursing College, Department of Community healthNursing, Madinah, Saudi Arabia