Exploring Workplace Bullying and Turnover Intention among Registered Nurses in Tertiary Hospitals, Lahore, Pakistan


  • Mishal Liaqat
  • Iram Liaqat
  • Rizwan Liaqat Awan
  • Rabia Bibi




Workplace bullying, Nurses, Turnover intention


Background: Workplace bullying is common all over the world. However, the medical field is one such
field where bullying is more frequent than any other field. Specifically, nurses in the hospitals are identified
to be more exposed to workplace intimidation as compare to other health members, yet underreported.
Workplace bullying is one of the principal factors following turnover intention among nurses.
Purpose: This survey aims to explore the prevalence of workplace bullying and its association with the
intent to leave the job among registered nurses.
Methods: A Cross-Sectional survey was conducted from September 2019 to April 2020. A convenience
sample of 242 nurses employed in two public and two private teaching hospitals of Lahore had been selected
for the study. Data analysis was done using the latest version of SPSS 25. Descriptive statistics mean,
median and standard deviation were used for the description of data.
Results: The prevalence of workplace bullying was 8.02% among nurses. A significant relationship was
found between workplace bullying and nurses’ turnover intention. The study found diploma nurses with less
age experienced more workplace bullying.
Conclusions: It is suggested that workplace bullying is highly rampant in our health care system and is
significantly associated with the nurse’s turnover intention. There is an immense need to establish new
policies that can control bullying and upsurge nurses’ retention. Further education plays a role in workplace

Author Biographies

Mishal Liaqat

MS. Nursing, Lahore School of Nursing, University of Lahore, Nursing Instructor, College of Nursing, Allama
Iqbal Medical College, Lahore. Pakistan

Iram Liaqat

Associate Professor, Microbiology Lab, Department of Zoology,G. C. University, Lahore

Rizwan Liaqat Awan

Sub-Inspector, Law Department, The University of Lahore, Gujrat Campus, Gujrat,Pakistan

Rabia Bibi

MS. Nursing, Lahore School of Nursing, University of Lahore.