Effect of Guided Imagery on Pain and Anxiety in Post Cardiac Surgery Patients in First Ambulatory Stage


  • Pooja Singh




Guided Imagery, Pain, Anxiety, First ambulatory stage, Cardiac surgery.


Background of the Study: Multiple researches have shown that and an array of mind body therapy e.g.
imagery, hypnosis, relaxation when employed pre-surgically, can improve recovery time and reduce pain
during invasive medical and surgical procedure.1 Pain and anxiety are significant complaints among patients
after cardiac surgery. Guided imagery can be an effective intervention when used as a therapeutic modality
for a variety of symptoms and conditions. It can improve health and enhance well-being, particularly through
the reduction of pain and anxiety.2 Aim of the Study: so, The present study was conducted on the effect
of guided imagery on pain and anxiety in post cardiac surgery patients in first ambulatory stage. Method:
a quasi experimental study in selected hospitals of a metropolitan city. A total 50 (25 in each experimental
and control group) were included through non-probability purposive sampling technique. The tools used
in the study were Numerical rating scale and critical care pain observation checklist for pain Beck Anxiety
Inventory for anxiety followed by opinionnaire about guided imagery. Result: frequency and percentage
method shows pre-intervention scores (NRS= 76%, CPOT= 96%) 1st post-intervention scores (NRS=48%,
CPOT=24%) 2nd post- test intervention scores (NRS=44%, CPOT=44%,BAI= 52%) in experimental group
and in control group before receiving standard care (NRS=96%, CPOT=96%), 25 minutes after receiving
standard care on bed (NRS= 84%, CPOT= 92%), 25 minutes after receiving standard care on chair (NRS=
80%, CPOT= 92%,BAI= 72%)

Author Biography

Pooja Singh

PG Student, Medical Surgical Nursing, Critical Care Nursing, Lalita Girdhar Hinduja College of Nursing, P.D
Hinduja Hospital and Medical Research Centre, Emerald Court ā€œDā€ Wing, Kondivita Lane, Marol Pipe Line,
Andheri (East) Mumbai, India