An Overview of Shift Work Variability among Nurses in Governmental Sectors in Kuwait: Cross-Sectional Study


  • Zafer Alajmi
  • Mukhlid Alshamari MSN
  • Yousef Buresli
  • Eid Amutairi



sleeping, nurse, work performance, Shift work, workplace hazard


Background: Shift work is a work schedule with a diversity of working time arrangements. The diversification
of working time is significantly associated with health problems such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular.
Shift work is considered a workplace hazard. It indicated high levels of stress and exhaustion among nurses
and a low level of job satisfaction. Irregularity in working hours might compromise nurses’ performance and
contribute to low quality of care in health care settings.
Aim: This study aims to describe the shift work variability, the sufficiency of sleeping, general aspects of
health and performance among nurses working in the governmental sectors in Kuwait.
Methods: An observational cross-sectional design was used among nurses working in Kuwait’s governmental
health care sectors.
Findings: A total of 329 nurses participated in this study. The majority of participants reported rotating shift
work 297 (90.3%). The mean and standard deviation of sleeping hours were reported as 5.8±1.15 hours.
Of them, 167 (50.8%) nurses reported falling asleep while driving after finishing their work duty. Besides,
frequent feeling of fatigue was expressed by the participants 268 (81.5%).
Conclusion: The present study revealed a high level of shift work variability among nurses. Fatigue, falling
asleep, and work incidences were also reported by nurses. Special attention should be given to nurses
working under shift work rotation as this might affect their general health and performance. Decision makers
should provide adaptation programs and apply enhamcement measures to promot health and productivity of
nurses in Kuwait.

Author Biographies

Zafer Alajmi

Consultant for Nursing Affairs, Ministry of Health, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Mukhlid Alshamari MSN

Specialist nurse, Minstry of Health,Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Yousef Buresli

Senior specialist family medicine, Ministry of Health, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Eid Amutairi

Senior Register,Nurse, Ministry of Health, Kuwait City, Kuwait