Problem Solving in the Limitations of the Implementation of Online-Based Emergency Nursing Clinical Practice: A Phenomenological Case Study


  • Kristianto Dwi Nugroho
  • Yafet Pradikatama Prihanto



Limitation, Clinical Practice, Emergency Nursing.


During 2020, the world has been suffering many things that caused by a virus that lately becomes a global
pandemic that called as Corona Virus Disease or Covid-19. It affects many aspects of human life especially
in the field of education. One of the effects is the changing of learning system from offline to online. The
offline learning system requires direct interactions among teacher and students such as having classes,
discussions, and many things face to face. Meanwhile, the Online learning system requires many things to
be applied by using laptop, computer, or smartphone through internet network. In this case, the changing
of these learning systems are literally generates problems among teachers and students especially in the
application of Emergency Nursing Clinical Practice. In order to solve this problem, the teacher and students
need to get involved to holistically see the problems that occur. In addition, the design that is used in
this study is A Case Study with Qualitative Approach and the research subjects are lectures and students
who are involved in online learning process. Moreover, the results of this study showed that it has been
found that there are five (5) sub themes that bring on two (2) main themes that is the limitation within the
implementation of Emergency Nursing Clinical Practice and the alternative solutions during online –based
learning of Emergency Nursing. In summary, the students feel unsatisfied and a little disappointed towards
the subject of clinical practice through online learning. The efforts and modifications are needed in order to
anticipate the problems that might be occur during the online learning processes. A good cooperation and
coordination are needed among teacher and students so that it can maximize the process of online learning.

Author Biographies

Kristianto Dwi Nugroho

Lecturer in Nursing Bachelor Program, STIKes Panti Waluya Malang, Malang City, East Java, Indonesia

Yafet Pradikatama Prihanto

Lecturer in Nursing Bachelor Program, STIKes Panti Waluya Malang, Malang City, East Java, Indonesia