A Systematic Review of Conceptual and Competency Contents of Baccalaureate Global Nursing Education in Countries for Referring Further Development in Japan


  • Chieri Yamada
  • Megumi Nagamine
  • Takashi Ohue
  • Hiromi Tsujimura
  • Yoshie Mori




baccalaureate course, concepts, competencies, global nursing education, systematic review


Objective: To facilitate discussions of the contents of global nursing education programs in Japan, a
systematic review of related articles in other countries was conducted.
Review Method: This review was implemented using the PRISMA guidelines. Online databases of
PubMed, Cochrane Library, CINAHL with full text, and National Center for Biotechnology Information
were studied. A systematic literature review was conducted of the databases’ articles written in English
by using the keywords “global/international nursing education” and “undergraduate course.” Researchappropriate
articles by titles and abstracts were selected and full texts of these articles were obtained.
The authors read all the full texts, choose those appropriate to the research objective and synthesized
the data.
Results: Out of eight articles that were identified, three demonstrated sets of domains with competencies.
The three articles included almost all domains in the remaining five, and the essential domains were
categorized such as global burden of diseases, socio-environmental health issues, and human rights and
social justice. Some concepts (e.g., social justice) have not been included in official announcements in
Conclusions: Six categories of domains with competencies seemed comprehensive, and shall be a
base of discussion for further development of the subject education in Japan as well as for any nursing
institute in the world.

Author Biographies

Chieri Yamada

Professor, Graduate School of Medicine, Fukushima Medical University, Japan

Megumi Nagamine

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, Gunma Paz University, Japan

Takashi Ohue

Associate Professor, Department of Nursing, Faculty of Nursing, Hyogo University, Japan

Hiromi Tsujimura

Associate Professor, Graduate School of Health Sciences, Gunma University, Japan

Yoshie Mori

Professor, Graduate School of Health Sciences, Gunma University, Japan