A Study to Evaluate the Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge regarding Neurological Examination among Nursing Students in Selected College of Nursing, Dehradun, Uttarakhand


  • K.Chitra
  • Pooja Godiyal




Neurological Examination, mental disorder, diagnosis, mean score.


The objective of the study is to assess the knowledge of Neurological Examination furthermore to find
out the mean difference between pre and post test score as well as association between the pre test
level of knowledge and with their demographic variables. A pre-experimental study was conducted on
Neurological Examination with 54 nursing students of Basic Bsc 3rd year in State college of nursing,
107 Chander nagar Dehradun.. The Pre test data was collected by using self-administered questionnaire
and mean was of (12.2.). The obtained data was analyzed using descriptive statistics. (Teaching was
given regarding anatomy and physiology of nervous system as well as OSPE conducted for neurological
examination. After 7 days of intervention post test was conducted for the same group of students and
mean score was (16.8).SD of the pre and post test score was (2.9&1.91) and t test was done to find
out the difference between pre and post test score. Calculated’ T ‘value is (5.9) and tabulated value
is 2.66. So findings are suggesting that calculated value is higher than tabulated value. It shows that
the effectiveness of structured teaching on Neurological Assessment. Further there was association
of knowledge of neurological examination with their demographic variables and it was statistically
significant at p< o.o5 level. The study findings conclude that the student nurses had good knowledge
after structured teaching programme regarding neurological examination.

Author Biographies


Assistant Professor in Mental Health Nursing, 107 Chander Nagar, Dehradun

Pooja Godiyal

Assistant Professor in Mental Health Nursing, 107 Chander Nagar, Dehradun