Concept Mapping to Enhance Critical Thinking in Nursing Students


  • Sija Binoy
  • Sudha A. Raddi



Concept maps, linkage, relationships, critical thinking.


Background: Teaching strategies are embraced to engage and support students in learning and realizing
the potential through the guiding tools. Concept mapping is an innovative and effective strategy to
facilitate meaningful learning and promote critical thinking among nursing students.
Material: Concept map is a learning tool as it links concepts and sub-concepts in a diagrammatic
manner. This teaching strategy encourages in-depth learning of concepts, better comprehension, and
correlation in clinical practice. This leads to enhanced critical thinking and improved decision making.
Conclusion: Concept mapping is a new pedagogical approach that can be used to developed students’
critical thinking skills. However, it means development of higher-order reasoning and cognitive skills.

Author Biographies

Sija Binoy

Research Scholar, MVGU Jaipur, KAHER Institute of Nursing Sciences, Belgavi, India

Sudha A. Raddi

Dean & Principal, KAHER Institute of Nursing Sciences, Belgavi, India