Knowledge of Mucormycosis among Undergraduate Nursing Students of AIIMS New Delhi

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Nemkholam Chongloi
Aditi Prashant
Hansaram Suthar


“Mucor” is a fungus which is normally present in the environment and in soil. It causes disease only
when immunity is critically low. Early detection and management of the Mucormycosis is very crucial.
Delay reporting symptoms of the infection should be avoided and treatment should be initiated at the
AIM: The aim of this study is to assess the Knowledge of Mucormycosis among Undergraduate
Nursing Students of AIIMS New Delhi”.
Method A descriptive cross sectional survey was adopted using online platform as direct contact with
the participants is not possible during this period. An online questionnaire was used to assess knowledge
of Mucormycosis among the undergraduate Nursing students of AIIMS, New Delhi. Population selected
are B.Sc Nursing 2nd, 3rd and 4th year and post basic 1st and 2nd year students who are studying in College
of Nursing, AIIMs, New Delhi using smart Phone and Whats app.
Result: All the nursing students (N=230) had good and homogenous knowledge about mucormycosis
with mean knowledge score 7.99 (minimum 3 and maximum10) and SD±1.1. Most of the students
(88.7%) would like to include the topic in the syllabus as they would like to know in detail about the
disease. 90% of the Students showed a greater appreciation and willingness to attend seminar/webinar
on this topic of Mucormycosis.
Conclusion: In the current study, although most of the study participants possess a good knowledge
toward the prevention of COVID-19, it is surprising to know that the students are seeking formation
from unverified sources such as social media and internet. These results are impactful and should
be addressed through standardized training opportunities and distribution of official sources about
mucormycosis .There is also a need to Constantly updated refresher training from authentic sources
which will contribute to better performance of the student Nurses in clinical areas

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Nemkholam Chongloi, Aditi Prashant, & Hansaram Suthar. (2022). Knowledge of Mucormycosis among Undergraduate Nursing Students of AIIMS New Delhi. International Journal of Nursing Education, 14(2), 171–176.
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Nemkholam Chongloi

Faculty, College of Nursing AIIMS, New Delhi, College of Nursing AIIMS,New Delhi

Aditi Prashant

Associate Professor, College of Nursing AIIMS, New Delhi,New Delhi

Hansaram Suthar

Faculty, College of Nursing AIIMS,New Delhi