A Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme Regarding Control of Anemia and Worm Infestation among Male Adolescents at Madurai


  • Paulchamy Thirunagalingapandiyan
  • G.Muthamilselvi




Anemia, Adolescent health, Male adolescents, Worm infestation.


Background: The main objective of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness of Structured Teaching
Programme regarding control of anemia and worm infestations among male adolescents at Madurai.
Methods and Results : This study was employed at true experimental research design. Totally 60 male
adolescents were included in the study. The study result showed that among control group pretest mean
was 9.86 and standard deviation was 0.54. Post test mean 9.84 and standard deviation 0.60. Difference
in mean percentage was 0.02. Worm infection status was same (46.7 % no worm and 53.3 moderate
worm load) in pretest and post test without any change. Among experimental group pretest mean was
9.84 and standard deviation was 0.60. Post test mean was 12.23 and standard deviation was 1.05.
Difference in mean percentage was 2.38. Worm infection status in pretest was 60% moderate worm
load and 40 % no worm infection and all participants of experimental group were free from worm
infection in post test. The t value was 7.62 and p value of the study was less than 0.001.
Conclusion: The structured teaching programme had highly significant on control of anemia and worm
infestation among male adolescents

Author Biographies

Paulchamy Thirunagalingapandiyan

PhD Scholar, Vinayaka Mission Research Foundation, Salem


Principal VMCON Puduchery