Competent Patients’ Refusal of Nursing Care: A Focus Group Interview


  • SitiSalmiah Haji Sharbini
  • Juriani Udan
  • Yusrita Zolkefli



Nurses’ roles, challenges, competent patient, refusal of nursing care, qualitative, Brunei


Competent patients’ refusal of nursing care raises important questions, potentially creating stressful
situations for nurses. This study explores the nurses’ roles and challenges in caring for competent
patients’ refusal of nursing care in a rural general hospital in Brunei Darussalam. Twenty-two registered
nurses participated in the research.The data were analysed using thematic analysis.The study indicated
that nurses attempted to respect a competent patient’s refusal of nursing care, as the majority wished to
avoid any paternalistic or judgmental approach towards such refusal. They recognised the ethical and
professional duty to help the patient in their decision making. However, such duty comes with its own
set of challenges.

Author Biographies

SitiSalmiah Haji Sharbini

Registered Nurse, Ministry of Health, BRUNEI, 2Nursing Officer, Ministry of Health, BRUNEI

Juriani Udan

Nursing Officer, Ministry of Health, BRUNEI

Yusrita Zolkefli

Assistant Professor, PAPRSB Institute of Health Sciences, Universiti Brunei Darussalam, BRUNEI