Performance of Students toward small group teaching in University College of Sabya

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Fatimah Mohammed Ahmed Burayk


Background: Small group training may be incredibly useful for both learners and facilitators. Successful small groups, on the other hand, encourage active and deliberate participation and enhance student learning.
Main Body: The goal of this study was to see how students react to small-group teaching.
Patients and methods: A descriptive faculty-based study was done at Jazan University College of Sabya including 335 students from three departments participating in an online questionnaire about their knowledge, abilities, and attitudes toward small group teaching. Results: Most of the students had a high level of knowledge and abilities, as well as a good attitude toward small group instruction (67.75%).
Conclusion: These results highlight the importance of taking into account students’ success in small group education.
Recommendations: I recommend giving more attention to education through small group discussion

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Fatimah Mohammed Ahmed Burayk

Assisstant Professer of Curricula and Teaching Method College of Education , Jazan Zuniversity