Level of Work Related Depression among Physiotherapists due to COVID-19: An Observational Study


  • Sai Vispute
  • Neeraj Kumar




Depression, Patient health questionnaire, physiotherapist.


Introduction: The COVID-19 pandemic has created global crisis & drastic change in living conditions,
social life, professional life and economic activity. There is lack of study done yet which examined the
presence of work related depression among the physiotherapist due to COVID 19. So the aim of the study
is to evaluate the presence or absence of the work relate related depression among physiotherapist due to
Purpose of the Study: To evaluate the level of work related depression and categirize it into mild, moderte,
severe levels among physiotherapist due to COVID 19.
Material and Methodology: Between 10/10/2020 to 26/10/2020, 94 Physiotherapist were recruited by online
survey through a Google form.88 Participants completed measures of depression (PHQ9) Questionnaire.
Settings and Design: Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam College of Physiotherapy,
Type of study- Observational Study with Survey Approach.
Sampling method- A web-based cross-sectional survey

Result: The present study had a targeted sample size of 88 Physiotherapist in which 24 were having no
depression, 40 were having mild depression, 18 were having moderate depression and 6 were having
moderately severe and no one had severe depression. Meeting the criteria for depression was predicted by
clinical practitioners. Work related depression symptoms were also predicted by low income, loss of income,
and pre-existing health conditions in self and other.
Conclusion: 88 Physiotherapist responded to the survey based study from all parts of Maharashtra. However,
specific COVID-related variables which is associated with psychological distress due to loss of income
because of the pandemic& exposure to the virus and high estimates of personal risk, most of physiotherapist
from responses were mildly depressed.

Author Biographies

Sai Vispute

MPT, Dept. of Orthopaedic Physiotherapy, Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences

Neeraj Kumar

Professor & Head of Dept. of Orthopaedic Physiotherapy, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam College of Physiotherapy, and Vice Principal of Dr. APJ, Abdul Kalam, College of Physiotherapy, Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences, Loni, Maharashtra, India