Changes in Usage of Various Study Materials in Physiotherapy from Last Two Decades


  • Tejas Dilip Sonar
  • Tejas Borkar



Physiotherapy, study material, Two decade, Education, Study.


Background: There are various studies done by the researchers which show the use of new m-learning,
e-learning and use of digital media, as a study material but there are no studies done to see how this change
took place. From the conventional pen-paper and printed study material to digital study material. Hence this
research aims to study how this change took place, using a Survey Questionnaire.
Materials and Method: The Questionnaire was sent to 300 physiotherapy students of Dr. A P J Abdul
Kalam College of Physiotherapy from the year 2000 to 2020 using simple random sampling. The consent
form was included in the questionnaire sent by Google forms by connecting to them through social media.
Out of 300 students, 192 students were interested to take part in the survey. They agreed to the informed
consent and were included based on inclusion and exclusion criteria. The questionnaire was sent through
social platforms. The data was collected from the Google forms, it was documented and interpreted.
Statistical analysis was done by tally method and graph presentations.
Result: The questionnaire included various questions related to the usage of study material, usage of devices
and changes noticed. The result showed that the use of digital study material increased gradually and later
more occasional use of digital study material was noticed. It is also related to increasing portable device
usage among participants for study purposes.
Conclusion: As the use of portable devices increased among students for study purposes. The involvement
of digital study material increased in the curriculum.

Author Biographies

Tejas Dilip Sonar

BPT Student, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam College of Physiotherapy

Tejas Borkar

Associate Professor, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam College of Physiotherapy