Effectiveness of Lumbar Motor Control Exercises in Improving Lumbar Stability among Bharatanatyam Dancers


  • Pavana
  • Amrutha SV




Core Muscle Activity, Flexible Curve Ruler, Low Back Pain, Motor Control Exercises, Stabilizer Pressure Biofeedback.


Background and purpose: Low back injuries among Bharatanatyam dancers are said to be over use related
and secondary to biomechanical alignment defects. This causes weakness of the deep core muscles resulting
in lumbar instability and low back pain. Motor control exercises aim to retrain the optimal control of the
deep spinal muscle and maintain normal control during physical and functional tasks. The study is designed
to assess the effectiveness of motor control exercises in improving lumbar stability among Bharatanatyam
Objectives: To find out the strength of the deep abdominal muscle function pre and post intervention. To
find out the correlation between lumbar spine curvature in standing and the deep abdominal muscle strength.
To assess the effectiveness of lumbar motor control exercises in improving lumbar stability.
Design: Quasi experimental one group pre and post-test design
Methods: A total of 85 subjects (females) aged between 18 to 30 years with Quebec score >20 were recruited
using purposive sampling method. Subjects were examined for core muscle activity using Stabilizer pressure
biofeedback and were assessed for Lumbar spine curvature using Flexible curve ruler. Pain and disability
were scored using Modified Oswestry disability questionnaire (MODQ). The intervention consisted of motor
control exercises for 6 weeks. Pre and post-test intervention scores were recorded and analysed. Results:
The core muscle activity and Modified Oswestry disability score significantly (p<0.001) improved after the
intervention and showed strong significance. The correlation between lumbar lordosis angle and core muscle
activity showed positive relation (r = 0.859) and statistically significant (p<0.001). Conclusion: The results
suggest that, motor control exercises may be significantly effective in improving lumbar stability among
Bharatanatyam dancers.

Author Biographies


Associate Professor, Department of Community Physiotherapy, R.V. College of Physiotherapy

Amrutha SV

MPT Student, R.V. College of Physiotherapy, Bengaluru, Karnataka