Normative Data of Grip and Pinch Strengths in Healthy Adults of Indian Population


  • Sneha Vishwanath
  • Kavitha Vishal



Normative data,grip strength,pinch strength


The purpose of the study was to establish clinical norms for adults aged 20-40 year old on grip and three
types of pinch strength. A dynamometer was used to measure grip strength and a pinch gauge to measure
pinch strength-tip pinch, key pinch and three fingered pinch. A sample of 118 males and 112 females, aged
20-40 was tested using standard positioning and instructions. Results shows a decline in the grip strength
as age increases but no such relation was established between pinch strength and age. Dominance showed
no difference. Comparison between males and females ,it shows males have stronger hand strength than

Author Biographies

Sneha Vishwanath

Assistant Professor, Alva’s College of Physiotherapy, Moodbidri, Dk-574227, Karnataka, India

Kavitha Vishal

Associate Professor, Department of Physiotherapy, Father Muller Medical College, Mangalore