Effect of 6-Week Functional Training on Speed and Agility of Basketball Players


  • Ambuja Bhardwaj
  • Lokendra Bahadur Kathayat




Basketball players, speed and agility, Functional Training


Introduction: Basketball is a game which includes high intensity activities like dribbles, sprints and
screens, these activities require change of direction and sprinting ability. Functional training which
includes low load training and closed kinematic chain activities tends to improve motor skills. The
athletes with finer skills are less prone to injury and hold a better chance at scoring.
Objectives: The main objective of this study is to observe the effect of six week functional training on
speed and agility in basketball players.
Method: Based on inclusion criteria and exclusion criteria 20 subjects of 18-24 years were selected
by random Sampling and Informed consent was taken. Pre-exercise tests were performed before the
beginning of training and it included field tests to evaluate lower extremity power and agility then a
six-week-long Functional training program was applied, followed by post-exercise tests.
Statistical Analysis: Data was meaningfully assorted through calculation of Mean and SD and Paired‘t’
test was applied at the p<0.05for the comparison within the groups for the variable speed and agility.

Author Biographies

Ambuja Bhardwaj

Assistant Professor, Department of Physiotherapy, RIMT University (Punjab)

Lokendra Bahadur Kathayat

Assistant Professor, Department of Physiotherapy, RIMT University (Punjab)