Effect of 1 Week Coherent Breathing Exercise Training on Cardiorespiratory Fitness in Healthy Young Adults: An Experimental Study


  • Jagruti K Patel
  • Sapariya Priya Rajeshkumar




Cardio respiratory fitness, physical activity, queen’s college step test, forced vital capacity and coherent breathing exercise


Background: CRF indicates the ability of the circulatory, respiratory and muscular systems to supply
oxygen to body during sustained physical activity. Changes in physical activity levels results in changes
in CRF. CRF includes the oxygen uptake, PR, RR, BP and exercise capacity. To improve CRF coherent
breathing training can be performed because it has an effect on cardiovascular health. Coherent breathing
exercise produce different types of physiological responses in healthy individuals. But to the best of my
knowledge there is scarcity of literature which determines the material.
Aim & Objective: Aim of the study is to assess the effect of 1week coherent breathing training on pulse
rate, respiratory rate, vo2 max, FVC and Borg scale of perceived rate of exertion in healthy individual.
Material and Methods: An experimental study was conducted among 45 healthy young adults.
Participants were included in study who were able to complete queen’s college step test. All the subjects
have performed coherent breathing training for a 1 week. Pre and post data were collected. The total
duration of training was 30 minutes per day.
Results: Results of the study showed that mean value of the PR 82.84 ± 14.41, RR 19.73 ± 3.94,
oxygen uptake capacity 47.69 ± 9.26, and FVC 1.95 ± 0.54 and perceive rate of expectation 2.99 ± 1.52.
The study also showed that coherent breathing training had positive effect on CRF.
Conclusion: The study demonstrate that coherent breathing training is effective in improving CRF.

Author Biographies

Jagruti K Patel

Assistant Professor, S.S Agrawal Institute of Physiotherapy and Medical Care Education Navsari

Sapariya Priya Rajeshkumar

Intern of Bachelor of Physiotherapy, S.S Agrawal Institute of Physiotherapy and Medical Care Education