Evaluate Scapular Asymmetry among Office Workers Having Ergonomic Risk Due to Work From Home During Lockdown– Cross Sectional Study


  • Pracheta Raval
  • Bhavya Gandhi
  • Mansi Khalasi
  • Prachi Patel




Ergonomic risk, LSST, RULA, Scapular asymmetry, Work from Home


Unprecedented movement restrictions have been imposed due to Covid19 Pandemic induced shutdowns.
The situation had triggered organization encouraging workforce to work remotely entirely or partially.
The situation has implied prolonged stays at home and radical lifestyle changes including alterations
in aspects like physical activity (PA), eating habits, mental health, and quality of sleep. Prolonged
working hours and faulty sitting posture has accelerated onset of work related musculoskeletal disorders
(WMSDs). Scapular Asymmetry (Scapular Dyskinesia) is one of common problems, which is directly
or indirectly associated with poor ergonomics.
Aim of the study is to evaluate scapular asymmetry contributed due to ergonomic risk among office
workers practicing sedentary lifestyle in work from home environment during lockdown.
Target group of this study was persons who had been assigned remote work (Most subjects from MNCs
and IT Sector) in Surat, of which total 100 subjects, 67 males and 33 females, participated and were of
25 to 55 years of age-group. The scapular asymmetry was assessed by using Lateral Scapular Slide Test
(LSST) and Rapid Upper Limb Assessment (RULA) scale.
Results analyzed with SPSS statistical software (version 21), showed 58% prevalence of scapular
asymmetry. Correlation analysis between RULA scores and LSST average of all three position of both
right and left side was r = 0.243, which indicates positive correlation between RULA and LSST.
Hence, the results conclusively establish that the prevalence of scapular asymmetry is higher among
office workers working remotely having ergonomic risk in lockdown

Author Biographies

Pracheta Raval

Assistant Professor, Vidhyadeep Institute of Physiotherapy, Kim, Surat

Bhavya Gandhi

Intern, Vidhyadeep Institute of Physiotherapy, Kim, Surat

Mansi Khalasi

Intern, Vidhyadeep Institute of Physiotherapy, Kim, Surat

Prachi Patel

Intern, Vidhyadeep Institute of Physiotherapy, Kim, Surat