Emerging Challenges Faced by Private Clinic Physiotherapist in New Normal Times During the Covid-19 Pandemic in Pune City

Emerging Challenges Faced by Private Clinic Physiotherapist in New Normal Times During the Covid-19 Pandemic in Pune City


  • Chirag Chaudhari
  • Ankita Talreja




Challenges; physiotherapists; private clinic; covid-19 impact.


Objective: Primary Objective: To assess the challenges faced by private clinic physiotherapists in Pune after
easing of lockdown using validated self-reporting questionnaire.
Secondary Objective:
1. To assess the financial impacts on private clinics.
2. To assess the foot fall in the private physiotherapy clinic in Pune after easing of lockdown.
3. To assess the physiotherapy treatment limitations during this pandemic.
4. To assess difficulties while following Maharashtra State Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy Council
(MSOTPT) guidelines while treating patients during covid-19 pandemic.
5. To assess problems faced during tele-rehab using Validated self-reporting questionnaire.
Method: A cross sectional study was done in Pune City with a sample size of 60 over the period of 3 months
using self-reporting validated questionnaire. Participants were picked based on inclusion and exclusion criteria.
Questionnaire was circulated through the social media & emailing the link of google form of questionnaire to
the participants after the approval of ethical committee. A total of 60 participants submitted the correctly filled
questionnaire. After receiving the responses, it was analysed statically and Questionnaire results was presented in
the graphical form & conclusion were made according to the pie charts and graphs.
Results: Through results it was sighted that the COVID-19 pandemic reinforced critical weakness and numerous
challenges for the private clinic physiotherapists. They were facing financial problems, number of patients have
reduced in the clinic, they have lost their follow ups during the pandemic, many are following MSOTPT guidelines
while treating patients and finding it difficult to follow the guidelines while treating patients and many have
shifted their mode of practice to tele-rehabilitation and having problems in that.


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Author Biographies

Chirag Chaudhari

BPTh, MAEER`s Physiotherapy College

Ankita Talreja

Assistant Professor, CBR Physiotherapy, MAEER`s Physiotherapy college