Dynamic Sitting Exercise versus Spinal Extension Exercise on Pain, Lumbar Mobility and Quality of Life in Adults with Mechanical Low Back Pain


  • Dibyadarshini Das1 , Venkatesan.R2




Mechanical low back pain; dynamic sitting exercise; spinal extension exercise; lumbar mobility; quality of lif


Background: Now-a-days it is seen that busy work schedule and unhealthy environment leads to discontinuity
in exercising despite of awareness and knowledge of its effectiveness on problems like low back pain. There
are many factors including improper posture, over loading, immobility, trunk muscles weakness leads to
mechanical low back pain in adults. Exercises of various types have been used in managing low back pain.
Hence there is a need to find out a single functional and effective exercise for such problems so that they can
be done anytime during work and without any equipment which is also economical.
Methodology: Thirty adults aged between 20-30 years participated in this comparative experimental study.
After underwent physical screening for selection criteria mechanical low back pain followed by simple
randomization participants were divided into group A and group B. Group A and group B received dynamic
sitting and spinal extension exercise respectively for thrice a week for six weeks. Pre and post values were
assessed using outcome measures Visual Analog Scale for pain, MMST used for lumbar mobility and Short
Form-36 Health Survey Questionnaire for quality of life.
Results: In comparison of post test scores of outcome measures evidenced that the reduction of pain score,
improvement in lumbar mobility and quality of life scores. There were significantly improvement among the
adults with mechanical low back pain treated with Dynamic sitting exercise (DSE) than treated with Spinal
extension exercise (SEE).
Conclusion: 6 weeks of dynamic sitting and spinal extension exercise can prevent in pain and improvement
in lumbar mobility and quality of life in adults with mechanical low back pain

Author Biography

Dibyadarshini Das1 , Venkatesan.R2

MPT in Department of Musculoskeletal and Sports, 2
Assistant Professor, The Oxford College of Physiotherapy,
Begur Road, Hongasandra, Bangalore